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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Was Able to Teach My 3rd Grade Teacher~How Cool Is That!

Today, I had a fabulous time sharing ideas I'm currently using in my class for how students can learn their basic math facts.  To see my 3rd grade teacher sitting in the audience brought tears to my eyes!  To think about all she had invested into my life over 30 years ago, and now I was able to give back to her life as a teacher, even if it was in a very small way. It's one of those indescribable moments that bring few words, but tons of feelings and emotions.  This is truly a special fulfilling moment of my life! #Priceless!

Thank you Miss Kazian, now Mrs. Gailey, for being a fabulous 3rd grade teacher to me.  You taught me well. You helped lay the foundation for my excellent education that has served me well today!
Today, Mrs. Gailey continues to be a 3rd grade teacher at Taylors Elementary in Greenville, SC, and if I could talk with her students today, I would tell them how privileged they are to have such an excellent teacher!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Springboard Dynamic Professional Development Through Twitter!

Are you using Twitter for chatting with friends, following the latest celebrities, posting your favorite foods, or highlighting your past time activities.  These are all possible uses, but as a teacher, Twitter holds the capabilities for so much more!  Over the last two years, Twitter has catapulted me from not only being an elementary teacher in Wellford, SC, but also a global communicator, collaborator, and learner of the latest and most dynamic information in the world of education. I am immensely grateful for my Twitter Professional Learning Network (PLN), and I would not be the same teacher without them!

Are you new to Twitter?  Are you trying to understand the purpose of Twitter for you as an educator?  Have you found a PLN that leaves you learning more than you ever dreamed you could? Please join the Summer of Twitter: Teacher Challenge and catapult your learning to galaxies beyond...Let's learn and grow together!
If you are a part of Spartanburg District Five Schools, join our page and definitely invite your colleagues...the more the merrier!

Looking for you on Twitter!

Kitty Tripp
 @SSoperator13 @Kitty_Tripp

Thank you @ajjuliani for sharing about the Summer of Twitter: Teacher Challenge, and I look forward to learning from over 100+ schools that have already joined!
@TweetSmarter The Anatomy Of A Tweet  http://bit.ly/19OPOhM 

Gr8 resources! “@jaymelinton: Work with teachers who are Twitterphobic? Click here for videos to share.