Looking for the Blessings of God's Goodness

Monday, May 13, 2013

So Why TenThousand?

I read the story of a struggling Christian who couldn't see God's goodness in her circumstances.  In sharing this struggle with a friend, the understanding listener quickly challenged the struggling friend to make a list of reasons why God is good. 

As I read this story, I knew there were many ideas of why God is good, but how could I communicate them myself? I've struggled to know God's goodness in my life circumstances, but in my mind I still knew there had to be limitless reasons of why God is good. I had never challenged my heart and mind to consider the possibility of "my own ten thousand," so in this blog I'm beginning my "Ten Thousand reasons" journey. I also want to challenge you to start your own list.

Each of my blog posts will not reflect any particular order or ranking of my reasons, but will simply be a reflection of what God has shared with me in my daily walk with Him and how He's changing and molding me into someone accomplishing His goals and purposes. Come back often, start your own list and share your ideas as we journey together to personally know the goodness of God!

"God is good whether you see the good in your 
circumstance or not." -J Berg


  1. I love this Kit-Kat!!! What a great way to reflect on a faith journey...and the 10,000 reasons....extremely special to me....I cannot hear that without stopping in my tracks...and on that day when my strength is gone...wow... What a glorious experience that day was when my Dad went to heaven������. Looking forward to your blog.

  2. Thank you Patti for your support and encouragement! That song always gets me too! I think our journey on earth changes once we have a loved one in heaven!