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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Yes, I'm That Obnoxious Person...Sorry!

Have you ever been in a public gathering, conference, maybe even church and seen a person typing on their phone/device and you annoyingly think, "Can't that person put their phone away and focus just for a little bit?!?"

News flash! I'm one of these obnoxious people but unlike you think, I AM focussing my mind with my device! I'm a kinesthetic person that needs to be involved in what I'm experiencing. My career puts me in front of people constantly interacting day in and day out, so when I have to sit still and try to focus, I have to engage my mind with what's being said or "grasshopper thinking" and constant yawning usually ensues. I used to take paper notes, but then I would lose the notes or forget to bring my journal I was taking notes in, so I took to using my device to keep electronic notes. I especially love tweeting my thoughts because I considered, "If it was meaningful to me, could it also be meaningful to others?" Notes plus helping other...makes sense to me!

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