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Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Times In Chucktown!

It's always a GOOD day when you get to go to the beach, but it's always a BLAST when you can go with great friends!  Thank you Ginny, Austin and Clint for a fabulous time in Charleston!!!

Remembering the Good Times:
Ginny and Kitty know how to use GPS when they get lost!
Snyder's Honey Mustard and onion pretzel pieces are the travel food of choice.
Austin learned how to eat vegetables (some.....okay, very little!)
I almost beat Austin in the kayaking contest....okay, he beat me, but only by an inch!
Clint "leaned right a little" so Austin couldn't win in their kayak showdown!
Kayaking at dawn and dusk is a must!
Never run on a knee that's hurting....it makes you walk crooked later, right Austin :)
Phase 10 ROCKS!
Staying up till 2am playing games and spreading infectious laughter happens naturally.
Austin loves Saved by the Bell and has a vernacular that revolves around movies!
Skipping rocks can lead to fleeing through a rain storm from some unknown danger.
Unlocked front doors and silent opening garage doors freak Clint out!
Catch Phrase of the trip: Precious Cargo!
If you want a smooth driving car, get a Pilot...ask Clint!
Austin's marrying a girl name Julie!
Eating steak and eggs for breakfast allows you to skip lunch.
Peach Snapple was a hit!
We crashed and burned when it came to setting up umbrellas at the beach.
Boiled peanuts are the perfect "wait for the storm to pass" snack, especially the Cajun ones!
Beach-time banter can last for hours and be very enlightening!
A gorgeous man can step into your photograph at just the right time, right Rob? :)
Ginny has a super power.  She can squash a whole nests of 20+ roaches in one fatal swoop!
Per Austin: Kitty has a set of lungs as displayed after an onset of Ginny's super power!
My super power is hearing 2am conversations through earplugs.
While Clint is mid sentence, Austin belts out, "Mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike....."
Clint is very handy with a vacuum cleaner!
While Clint's choice of Hymans for dinner was fabulous, his directions to the waterfront fountain needed some refining (he was even using his iPhone app!)
Hurray for homemade frozen pudding pops, maybe not banana cream as much as chocolate?!?
Power quadruplets activated! Gingersnap, KitKat, Technomite & Surfer Boy
Siri says some crazy things at 1am in the morning!

Clint thinks he can make it to Charleston in 3 hours...Ginny knows she can :)

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